How technology changed the world of business and communication.

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Have you ever wonder what the world look like before the social media came out of town? Well it was not easy. The world we know has some manual things being done. In order for you to receive a long distance message it would take a flight from the airplane and a help of a mail man. Well that became short notice when long distance telephone call came into the scene and once again short notice when wireless system are in place. However, it is still in efficient and will cost you bunch of money to reach you love ones.

Thankfully internet came. By its abbreviation and moniker the term Internet meaning interconnection of network became a phenom that even today we are still using. This made it possible for long distance communication become short with a touch of 2 computers. Whether by chat or by video chat. Before it would take weeks or even months for a message to be relay and a reply will take another weeks for its arrival but now a second can do that.

Our technology has now gone too far and still it has plenty of room to improve. Engineers believe that it is just a matter of time for hologram. A technology that will bring you digital copy of your body to the person you wish to have appointment. This can help more in all fields, might it be in relationship, communication or even business!