How to start

In this page I will be teaching how to sell your products and how your business or brand using social media.  Businesses need to grow and adapt to stay ahead of their competition and ahead of their customers. But for many many businesses it’s human nature to simply avoid changes and stay stuck in the past.

There are 3 things that you and your small businesses need to  know. First, you need to understand that technology is changing the world of technology. Technology is changing the world of businesses. But what does this mean in selling your products. Well unlike the traditional marketing that we all have get used to and is in the past. Today marketing is no longer  a one way and you are connected with your customers in more ways than ever before.

You’ll need to know the basics to succeed in your business and to beat odds. I’m sure you’ve done a lot by this means more than just creating a Facebook or twitter Page. Your getting raid on the phone book adds and engage with your customers. Social media is the best way to  do this. Technology is making it possible and easier than ever to make a conversation happened.

Twitter and Facebook are free forms and some  of the best forms advestising that we have today. It’s easy to use. User friendly. They have demos to help you easily understand and easy to create. Just having an email and in 5 minutes you’ll now have a free account.

Things you have to are, you have to make unique and interesting fun post. Making post that are call to action to your business.